busty dusty springfield ferlin husky 2013

neville longbottom
baal mephisto diablo moo
zavtra budet horosho
che gavone sono stupidone
nihao xiexie
ded moroz
i still dont know what it means to live
but i cherish more than the gifts the chance to give
and it hurts so much to see happiness dorwning in pain
yet its so lovely to see what beholds beauty
and i hope the beauty withstands the cleansing of the rain
but for you i hope for moments of joyful bliss
i know you will be brave when things go amiss
ne jamais faire sequels
didnt you see what happened to the boondock saints
konbanwa minna
and i wish johnny cash would come back from the dead
to cover one of my songs
no i dont play with nine inch nails
but on saturday nights i do wear thongs
you know that uh, sabes que
me gusta bailar in the rain
i got my lessons from the king of pain
who helped me go realms beyond this place
and he even drank all the beers in the case
king of pain drank all my beer
well i really want to ask you someting
have you ever been stabbed wicked?
marhabban, anna ismi coleby
wahid ithnun thalathah arbah hamsah
and if you want to make degrak a little greasier than he already is
dip him in a little olive oil and say decraco
hear this wayne, what a mess
ya poshel v hess
but i couldnt afford the benzina
and if you want to italianize degrak a bit
di degraci
watashiwa degrakdes
bokuwa degrakdes
prince if you think darling nikki was bad
wait to you come to my london dungeon
its all misfits here
ca ici cest pas de tout francoise sardan
mais merci a lui tout de meme
bonjour salut tristesse, ma vieille amie
chsuis la a nouveau, mais je vous en prie
jen ai gros sur le coeur
neko ninja
mais vous savez comment on est suffoque par labsence damour
combien de fois suis-je parti la mort dans lame?
how many times?
et tout a cause dune autre femme
cest la derniere fois que je touche le fond, cest lheure ou je dis adieu a tout le monde
this one day dick cheese was lounging like a lurker
you ever hear that one russian song by degrak?
its a real tear jerker
madonna dijo que tropical the island breeze
but i just want her on her knees
although id rather have some cheesecake please
icewind dale
nihongo, koban, konbawa, ohayo gozaimasu
che gavone, o hajemashite, sono stupidone io
non sono salvatore, der name der rose
grazie tanto salvatore
mushi mushi, genkideska, o genkideska?
mama genkides
i went from the torn flesh of souls rags
and now im hanging with the ritchie riches
you know my boys lloyd, jeff and beau bridges
and all my gucci bags have bitches
and this aint nat king cole singing o tannenbaum
its more like jerry seinfeld fearing izzy mandelbaum
izzy mandelbaum, hey lets go to act 4 and do an izzy run
izual mandelbaum
you think robert redford and paul newman delt a sting?
it was much worse when the jew bathgate took all our land and gave us nothing
if one was to believe the story of adam and eve
then are we not all jews?
mazel tov. now its time for gefilte fish and manischewitz
yes detective james carter of the lapd, gefilte fish
i ride my dirtbike on the golfcourse like im ricky fowler
and if you get a letter from me, you know its a howler
im ahead of the game but its already game over
some say ive lost it, but i say ive never had it
hey degrak for your next song you should try singing like marcel marceau
vivo para ti negrone
io vivo per te nerone, ti amo

busty dusty, dusty springfield, ferlin husky
neville longbottom, house gryffindor, hogwarts
degrak - i still dont know 2009
johnny cash - hurt - nine inch nails
king of pain,
wayne newton - danke schon
prince - darling nikki
misfits - london dungeon
degrak - pas de tout francoise sardan 2011
richard cheese, lounge against the machine
degrak - ne magu igrat 2012
madonna - la isla bonita
icewind dale
der name der rose 1988
torn flesh of souls, diablo
richie rich 1994
izzy mandelbaum, lloyd bridges, seinfeld
the sting 1973
rush hour 1998 howler, owl post, harry potter

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