degrak 2012

redneck mafia
disculpa senor, pero que es su nombre
hahaha well my young lad, you see the pronuciation of this name is not so easy as it sounds
disculpa senor, pero que es su nombre
kto etot chelovek
7654 wo ist mein naechstes bier
in vino veritas doc holliday
in the french, francais huh huh
one may say degrak, or one could do the lazy french thing, and have a voiceless consonant at the end
and then we would say degrak
sort of like it would be a t or an s instead of a k
por supuesto yo se este nombre, es degrak
comme j'ai dit, en francais, nous disons degrak
now in the spanish, espanol, oye, hola, you simply say degrak
and in the italian, italiano, it is basically the same thing, degrak
but it's important to note that while in the italian, you must say it while using one hand, in the spanish, you must say it while using 2 hands
or is it the other way around
it's like 2 girls 1 cup it just had to be done, you know i'm like the fucking highlander, there can be only 1
et grace a dieu pour ca, et grace a dieu pour ca, et grace a dieu pour ca
il mio nome non e nessuno, il mio nome e degrak
tu sais que je suis comme renaud, il n'ya pas de nom, seulement un prenom
in sie german, sie deutsch, you have to really get the back of your throat in there, almost as if you have to spit, cough, or even throw up
thus it would give it a very harsh sound, like degrak, degrak
zum beispiel, like this, degrak
ah bon, u2 croit pas les nouvelles d'aujourdhui, tu devrait voir les nouvelles de mon esprit
chaque jour, every blood jour, haagen-dazs allaient a une colline pour chercher la toison d'or, mais qui etait la-bas avec son camembert rustique, le lioncoeur
and in the irish, gaelic, celtic or welsh languages, you either have to be drunk or in the process of getting drunk
and for the soviets out there, i'm sorry, for the russians out there
in sie russian, sie ruski, it takes quite the interesting turn
as russian, as we know, does not use the roman letters
now if we look at the roman letters, as it is, but pronounce them in russian, we would say, bedrak
now if you made into russian letters, it would certainly look different, you can get the pronunciation of degrak, or you can do the backwards e thing
and get degrak
ti znaesh etot chelovek, da ya znayu etot chelovek, eto degrak
che tipo di nombre e degrak, non lo so
and in the gay language, like that of san francisco, paris and some parts of london, you would just pronounce it the way i've been pronouncing it
except that you got to stick your ass in the air and shake it around
degrak e un nome per una favola
pensi tu che degrak e un finnochio
che ci pensi
ich habe keine ahnung
and in all the other languages, whether dead, retired, on vacation, even the languages of tolkien or harry potter, or the asian languages, you can get by with degrak or even degrak
mi nombre es come eso
c'est l'heure, il faut partir
et grace a dieu pour ca, et grace a dieu pour ca, et grace a dieu pour ca

tombstone 1993
2 girls 1 cup
highlander 1986
il mio nome e nessuno 1973
u2 - sunday bloody sunday haagen-dazs

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