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liedtext: wei! bang! bangzhu! wei! bang! bangzhu! bienvenu et merci a vous de contacter scamazon en ce moment, nous ne vous pas aider cependent cela peut changer si vous nous donner plus d'argent mais souvenz vous toujours que nous avons des tableaux a craes dans nos ascenseurs merci et passez une belle journee seems to me to buy on craigslist one must be a scammer and why does every western digital drive i buy end up meeting my sledgehammer? i hate all these fake artists, myself above all but i'm still going to have my bookface up in the great hall and kanye asked, cause he wasn't sure anyone make real shit anymore? but he was saying this to the beat of daftpunk so the only real thing there was that he was punkd ok seryoga (serega, серега), you maybe russia's #1 but i'm like russia's #99, so i got like a lot more than you dude say they were building a tower in babylon would have been better if it was tyrone power in babbleoff but if it's me they want, i'll turn my head and cough if i was made/maid marrying/marian robin in the shower it'd be in bath, with bathory but i don't have enough fingers, i just can't do the math but i'll tell you one thing right now if the government keeps taking too much from the kitty we're all going to feel kahn's wrath ain't got no life, ain't got no style, won't see degrak doing the green mile so don't worry be happy, i used to d&d by the name scrappy but soon i'm going to scourge these fatherfucking romans like i'm attila the hun who had so many girlfriends but too bad his wife wasn't one but as for me, i'm already done, i mean hell, i got a girlfriend but never get none hold the phone, degrak got a girlfriend? nah yo, i got a friend who's a girl, didn't you see cyborg? her name's pearl so mi pap asked me one day, what kind of love does a priest get? nun/none! etot degrak, kakoj durak. on dazhe ne znaet kak pisat evo svoe imya этот деграк, какой дурак. он даже не знает как писать эво свое имя degrak make so many mistake did you say steak? and if he try, he even spell his own name wrong he couldn't even spell write the name of his own song god! learn how to spell do i look like gandalf? i don't need spells peut-etre degrak vient de la lune tout a fait il chante pas comme pat boone master p tells me i na like kevin but i just want to know, when i die, do i pass go to heaven na na na i'll be serving coffee at 7 eleven i wear ties like mr t wears chains the heck is with scotland and spotting trains huh? conan o'brien the barbie was talking to chris rock who mi papa calls chris tucker, but for me it's always gary busey and nick nolte or gary cooper and gregory peckhead, like they were denny zager and rick evans about the year 2525, i mean in the year 2000, in the year 2000 best golfer is black, best rapper is white, but soon gay there's a dick in the bush, jesus is the biggest movie star and jesus stole the hubcaps from the bloodhound car ich bin kein aggroberliner, aber werde einen berliner essen ich only herb i do is peaches, and they don't come from a can cause we ain't dead presidents here, just straight goldeneye for the queer saint deja vu, i've been here before, when i had the gavel of thor i've been called a whore, i've been coldhearted before like james bond said, all they want is more hat prinz pi endlich seine prinzessin porno gefunden? jarulf say, no not jarule, not juvenile of the assbackeruppers jarulf who wrote the bible for el diablo he say there be 3 types of people in this here existence, those who can count and those who cannot stand back and deliver. it's ok if you don't have the heart cause in france you need the liver what you didn't listen to that russian song i made? then maybe you heard it from my russian made i'm the jackass-of-all-trades ich bin aus den loonybin i shit when i talk, i throw a fit like a hawk, you know the yellow stream? i p daily as i wok and roll, cause i'm like the old dirty bastard, i only work when i'm plastered listen larry but i ain't bob marley, and i ain't no wailer, weren't you listening before? i said i got a girlfriend but i never even nail her i was born in the year of crazy horse, and you know i sitting on bulls but it's time to dance with wolves, lezbo warren zevon werewolves of dublin, werewolves be coming, why'd you mess with his song kid rock? cowboy my hotel's as clean as an elven arse ich will looney tunes essen so tell me seinfeld, what's the deal with all these colored albums? the beatles with the white album weezer with the green and blue albums jayz, metallica and johnny cash with their black blacker and blackest albums what's next? the rainbow album by degrak? or a remix of colors by diet iced tea/ice-t i'm going to have a black friday sale, where i sell my black teeth, my black heart the black bags underneath my black eyes, my black peas/peace/piece, and my black soul assuming i can sell my soul again all profits to starbucks like usual what are you jimmy bones? do i look like i want to roll stones? after i met mickey, i was bigwheeling to find rolling stones for the flint later on i was 3rd wheeling with tony and donna, but devil damn i could never take a hint even now i never read, i just stare at the fine print and then i get a late fee for paying my phone bill early thanks a lot att sprint i have no values, and i have no life, i never ever get any, not even from my wife i sold my family jewels to buy the jew of the nile nero was feeling frisky so he spent his 9 lives on the wheel of fortune i've had so many names i'm like john travolta in swordfish i can't even remember who the fuck i am anymore if you thought a specialist was needed when frasier had his coffee with niles then hear this not even drs tish n knish can make that perfect wawa french vanilla combination for my sis trish, jose sabe que digo, now are you happy fine, ho finito i sono finito i was b boppin in kathmandu, but cat stevens was bibidy boppin scatman don't i go over the top like sylvester stallone, i make prayers from the foul line like karl malone i am done caring, i have done karen a diana. cuando vas a san francisco, donde tony bennett perdio su corazon, y maxime le forestier pinta las casas azules, recuerde que necesitas llevar flores en tu pelo, como scott mckenzie decia. espero que alli todo va bien

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