they shall be drowned (ils seront noyes)
de l'album they shall be drowned (ils seront noyes) de 2011

chanson: moon
engulf myself with storm of leaves
are you there, the moon is breathing
do as i ask, trail the creature
its tracks are the walkway
the smell of the frozen
and assailant manifess from afar
arrive then and burn wih the stars
bones reach for treetops unable to flee
from the radiant nightside
from the owl's vigil
this nest is ew home to nonbelieves
this world will not be lit
be the owl's vigil, they dwell with the trees
they dwell with their faces torn off
all skull panic, just teeth, no eyes
removed to achieve true darkness
removed for the mind's eye

chanson: star
rotting is a form of growth
decomposing fathers become the roots of a tree
the neck is exposed, the throat is a river
i can see them hang, sentenced to forgotten jury
witness my own reburial, tied to dissolve
quietly with the forest the dog comes closer
his opinion a specter, you are not a ghost
i declare this a union, climb the ladder of october
for here, all persons are invisible
unable to hunt in the presence of the wolf
so swing, lastly, from the brances
rotting is a form of growth

chanson: tree
traveling in a wind that carries
from one end of the earth to the other
born and bathed in a season of rain
i can only surrender to such a force
i can only become a small piece
the skies are gray, my eyes are clouds
vines converge to choke the spirit
i am covered in fire
god is no longer with me
i await my own dust
the flock is aware and allknowing
there is no crisis and no metaphor
only hope and death

chanson: void
nothing but worship
but nothing
i worship

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